About Us

Our mission at Virsma is to provide desktops, that look, feel and work great.

When you mention "Remote Desktop" most of the people will think of that "Windows Server" machine, that you connect and run software, that mostly works across all of the platforms, like Web browser, Slack, Whatsapp and Google Docs.

So we decided to give Linux a try! Let's finally make this year the one when "Linux on Desktop" made it's way.

We run Virsma Desktops on powerful hardware we manage and decent internet connection. Use the industry-standard Remote Desktop Protocol (the one you used for the Windows Server before) and see how snappy it goes.

P.S. "Virsma" means "Surface" in Latvian.
Latvian is a language spoken in Latvia. Latvia is a real country.

Our Team

Yefim Gasel
Yefim Gasel LinkedIn logo
TCP Port Opener
Jurijs Tomilovs
Jurijs Tomilovs LinkedIn logo
RDP Connection Broker
Vitālijs Gaičuks
Vitālijs Gaičuks LinkedIn logo
4K Resolution Scaler